“May 100%OPTICAL be an upgrade for LONDON FASHION WEEK and emphasise the importance of eyewear.” Philip Hoet


A combination of a passion to design and a recognition of the ever growing demand for original creative eyewear has driven the designs behind the brand Ph & F by Phillipe Hoet. From initial idea to finished product, each frame is made in their Belgian workshop using the finest Italian artisan quality durable acetate, giving Ph & F eyewear a strong hand made character.


Their two debut themes are Boudoir, with vivid frivolous colours, and Coffee, inspired by the colour palette of coffee.



Ph & F by Philip Hoet is a family affair and is limited to a small selection of quality themed eyewear collections. Each collection’s theme is carefully developed, encompassing frames and accessories and supported by a strong story and campaign.

Ph & F will be launching a new themed collection exclusively at 100% Optical 2014.